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When The Sheikh Speaks about GMOs and Personal Finance-Part One

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My Life as Minimalist in UAE- 5 Tips to Begin the Thought Process as a Minimalist

I happened to watch a wonderful, thought provoking video on the concept of Minimalism a year ago and I've been trying to adapt to the concept ever since. Being a minimalist in the UAE fits to be the perfect example of a paradoxical situation, where a person will easily be ostracized for choosing to be one! I would like to share my journey towards adapting to a minimalist lifestyle, and how I realized that clutter attracted so much negativity and left a serious impact on my emotional well-being.

When I first came to the UAE, we lived in a small studio apartment in Dubai and we didn't have many things. We moved to a one bedroom apartment in Sharjah after my first child was born and even then, we just had the basics. A sofa, a TV cabinet, a computer desk, a king size bed and two wardrobes were all that we had in our new home. It was easy to clean and our son had ample amount of space to move around and explore, which was important for me, as unfortunately the kind of lifestyle w…

The Reality of "Herbal" Products that are Made in India!

One of the most unexpected and a pleasant spill overs from the recent happenings in Chennai is the collective and a mass outrage against foreign products. Patriotism seems to be at it's peak and people are trying to switch to local companies making sodas and carbonated drinks and ditching Pepsi and Coke. Oh well, that doesn't seem good either.

How good are our very own home grown brands? I am just trying to put together a list of the few famous Indian brands that are no different than the MNCs in misleading the customers. Of course I will never be able to complete this post if I ever to scrutinize each and every product that is made in India, but this post is just to give an idea of about how to be careful in choosing what you consume:
1. Patanjali- From misleading advertisements to using false patriotism to boost it's growth, Patanjali has always been on the headlines for everything that is wrong. Thankfully, I have never even touched the products, alhamdhulillah. The most…

Desert Safari in The Auto Rickshaw!

That pretty much sums up my life as an Expat in the UAE. I've been here for more than 7 years, yet I still dream of the Chennai roads and Marina beach. I still can't believe 2007 was 10 years ago. Being someone who does not know how to ride a bicycle or a scooter or a car, I was always that pillion rider in my friends' Scooty or traveling in an auto rickshaw to commute to college and work. I recall that time when my classmate made a very witty comment in Tamil about this "Tamil naatlaye scootyku driver vecha mudhal aalu nee thaan", meaning I was first person in the state of Tamil Nadu to have a driver for even for a scooter!  :)

There were many struggles that I had to go through to take an auto ride-from bargaining the rates to managing the irritating stares through the mirror. But there is something that I really love and miss about taking the auto rides. I was born and raised in Chennai and I never really lived anywhere else outside except for a brief period o…

Hidden Treasure Series- Palm Sugar, A Little Known Superfood All The Way From India!

I am planning to introduce a new series in my blog, called "Hidden Treasures", where I will write about the indigenous food/herbs that are extremely high in nutritional value but never got the attention they deserve.

In the course of time, we are losing many things that we've been using for thousands of years to those that are marketed as "healthy" and "low fat/calorie". We have traded idlis and millet porridge for corn flakes and masala oats, coconut oil and ghee for "trans fat free" canola oil and corn oil, and a dangerous cocktail of chemicals for naturally occurring sugars and are happy about huge hospitals and "healthcare" cities emerging in all nooks and corners of the cities.

Many of us are aware that sugar consumption is one of the leading causes of obesity and big companies are capturing this segment of the "health conscious" market. The Global Artificial Sweetener market is worth billions of dollars and the big…

Neurotoxins- The Silent Killer in the School Lunch Box!

Life has become incredibly busy after the arrival of my second child. I can't believe I've been writing this post for more than a month and here I am, with another rant on the way the food habits are being forced upon us, and most importantly, our kids.

When I practice certain habits which are considered far too much or outdated by people around me, I usually don't bother much. One of the harshest comments I've received so far was when a good friend called me a miser for not spending on the chocolate and chips as she would allocate a certain amount from her monthly budget for the same. Many times I used to feel it is almost impossible to break such beliefs so I would just remain silent and carry on with my life. However, it was only after my son joined school I realized that what seems to acceptable to many would have an impact on us as well, even if we don't practice them.The food industry is not just manipulating the health of one or two kids from the family and…

Back To School Campaigns That Promote Consumerism in Children

It has been a very, very long break, it looks like it has been almost a year since I posted anything here. I thought I'd get a lot of *free* time when my son started school, but it didn't work as I expected. Anyway, this post is going to be a very long rant, something that bothers me a lot these days.

We live in a time when success is measured in terms of the materialistic possessions of a person and his abilities to acquire more.Gone are the times when shopping was done for necessity. Now we need retail therapy to relax and have fun. Living in the UAE means you don't need any big reason to shop. If it is winter, we have to shop because it is the season of the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival). In the summer, there is DSS- Dubai Summer Surprise. In the meanwhile, we have many other campaigns to drill a hole in our wallets and now since the schools are reopening after the summer break, we have the Back To School campaigns. We are bombarded with flyers and pamphlets from superm…