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My Life as Minimalist in UAE- 5 Tips to Begin the Thought Process as a Minimalist

I happened to watch a wonderful, thought provoking video on the concept of Minimalism a year ago and I've been trying to adapt to the concept ever since. Being a minimalist in the UAE fits to be the perfect example of a paradoxical situation, where a person will easily be ostracized for choosing to be one! I would like to share my journey towards adapting to a minimalist lifestyle, and how I realized that clutter attracted so much negativity and left a serious impact on my emotional well-being.

When I first came to the UAE, we lived in a small studio apartment in Dubai and we didn't have many things. We moved to a one bedroom apartment in Sharjah after my first child was born and even then, we just had the basics. A sofa, a TV cabinet, a computer desk, a king size bed and two wardrobes were all that we had in our new home. It was easy to clean and our son had ample amount of space to move around and explore, which was important for me, as unfortunately the kind of lifestyle w…

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